Success in Business Development isn’t as easy as simply hiring a representative to work a territory. Even the best job candidate usually doesn't have the complete skill-set, the mindset, the process, the methodology, or the time management skills to do the job properly. Generating new sales and partnership opportunities through outbound prospecting is a process that is far too complex and labor-intensive for one individual to manage alone day-after-day. 


Closing deals and managing relationships is an art that requires soft skills; but you don't even get to that stage without the right message and without enough prospecting. Prospecting is a metric-driven science. After 15 years selling products and services at the executive-level worldwide, we’ve developed the methodology and process that works anywhere in the world. Infobeing Solutions has deconstructed prospecting into 5 distinct roles: 

Through this process, your brand is represented to the world as though a professional, MBA-level member of your staff is reaching out to request a call. Behind the scenes is a tightly integrated, well-managed process to generate the quantity and quality of leads you need to grow your business.

   Infobeing Solutions delivers extraordinary results at a low cost:   

   Quick and easy setup.  Introductions start in week 2.   

   Global Coverage:   

If you are looking purely for prospecting, we offer the world's most cost-effective, low-risk way to fill your sales pipeline with new opportunities.


- You get a steady flow of scheduled calls with high-value sales prospects and partners

- gets updated with everything we do on your behalf

- You get regular reports of activity & results

- You can scale our service to any volume you need and we can cover every territory in the world

- You also get optimized email messaging that delivers results


Working with us, you get exactly what you want from an internal Sales Development team but with better results and at a lower cost. Your prospects feel as though they are interacting with a professional, senior member of your staff. Your sales reps feel as though they have the full support of an overachieving SDR/BDR.  Your Sales Operations Director is satisfied that is updated with accurate contacts and activity history.  Your VP of Sales is thrilled that the pipeline is rapidly growing with excellent new opportunities.  Everybody wins.

Here’s what we would ask from you to get started:


- Let's talk about your strategy and your objectives

- Provide us with an email address on your server (optional)

- Provide us with access to

- Provide us with some of your best messaging and sales materials

Prospecting into markets outside of North American and the UK can be tricky. Target Accounts and contacts are harder to identify. Also, hiring resources internationally requires a local entity (which can be cost-prohibitive to most organizations).


Infobeing Solutions, LLC is a US-based vendor with vast international experience and with staff located around the world. We have successfully covered every region in the world, so it is no problem to get you engaged with prospects in any market.




Prospecting Guru



Response Handler

Meeting Scheduler

Gathers contacts from, LinkedIn, InsideView, and company websites

Messaging, target account selection, project management

Sends multiple rounds of emails and handles bounce-backs in order to maintain accurate lists

Handles positive responses, referrals, “no thanks”, and “unsubscribe me” responses

Responsible for follow-up, schedules & confirms calls, summarizes and passes leads