If your goal is to generate new opportunities through prospecting, hiring a BDR doesn’t always work. Here are some of the reasons:

1 ) Effective outbound prospecting is labor-intensive and requires

      massive volume

Despite their best attempts, it is difficult for a lone individual to work a territory. It would take an extraordinary person to have the skill-set and the mind-set to spend endless hours researching contacts and building lists, sending massive numbers of emails, handling the responses and referrals, scheduling follow-ups, making cold-calls, writing the most effective messaging, and then talking intelligently with prospects to establish a relationship day-after-day. You can hire the best people who you trust completely, but sometimes they get overwhelmed. This leads to inaction and a low volume of interaction. Some days, sales reps don’t even know where to begin. 


It takes a team adhering to a process to fully-cover a territory. We look forward to discussing with you the details of our operation and to showing you the results.

2 ) Success in outbound prospecting depends upon a proven process

      and approach.

Ask your sales reps to talk with you about their process, methodology, and approach to prospecting. When you sit down with them, do they take you through exactly what their approach looks like, day-after-day and week-after-week? If they are unable to clearly articulate their methodology, can you provide the coaching they need to achieve the standard excellence you need?

3 ) Lack of clear direction.

Some clients have told us that, before working with us, they really didn't manage their sales reps down to the level of exactly what needs to be done, which day of the week, and how much of it. They assumed that, after years of experience in the field, sales reps already knew what to do. This is a recipe for failure in prospecting.

4 ) Employees are expensive and the per-lead cost can be high.

It can be a burden to take on the full cost of hiring an employee. The full cost includes the time and expense of recruiting, interviewing, and training. Then consider the base pay, benefits, and bonuses necessary to provide proper incentives. Factor in the cost of managing the team.  Even after you finally have a team in place and trained, there is no guarantee that they will perform as expected. Building-up an internal prospecting team is costly and risky, especially if you aren’t tightly managing the team using an effective process and methodology such as ours. We appreciate the challenge you're facing with respect to managing lead gen and we think we have an approach that can help you.


5 ) The typical, well-meaning ISR / BDR sometimes gets in the way.

Too often, a well-meaning ISR / BDR errors on the side of taking an opportunity too far along in the sales cycle before introducing the Account Executive.  This is usually done in a sincere attempt to add value and prove worth, but this practice can be frustrating to the prospect and can jeopardize the relationship. Are you sure you aren't wasting the prospect’s time by over-qualifying, by asking them to repeat information to new contacts, and by conducting meetings that feel redundant?  It could be different in your line of business, but we recommend geting your Account Executives engaged directly with decision-makers right on the first call.