Enterprise Software & Business Services

     ●  Intro call set with VP of Solution Architecture at a large, New York publisher. This led to $1.2MM, enterprise-wide eCommerce

          platform deal.

     ●   VP-level lead at a large European telecommunications company led directly to a $2mm dollar license deal.

     ●   15-minute call with the CIO at a major, international UK publisher which led to a large and ongoing consulting project.

     ●   Call with another European Telecommunications company that led to 5 million dollars of license revenue and even more

           than that in services over the course of 5 years.



Digital Marketing

        Delivered 60 introductory calls in 6 months to introduce our client to VP-level contacts in the University segment.  The time they

           used to spend prospecting is now spent closing deals.

        Multiple deals have closed which are generating recurring, monthly income for our client.

        Another digital marketing client closed 3 of their first 10 leads and saw an ROI of 400% in the first 2 months (not even including

           the ongoing, recurring revenue that has followed)

Consumer Brands and Manufacturing

      ●   Negotiated a distribution contract with an international distributor, signing an 18-country, multi-million dollar contract.

      ●   Introduced brand to a major TV Retailer, which led to millions in retail sales over 7 years.

      ●   Introductions have led to large-scale product distribution in US, Japan, Europe, and global online channels for multiple

            consumer brands.



These results aren’t unusual.  Each day, we introduce our clients to the CXO and VP-level contacts they want to be talking to.




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