You are right to be skeptical about firms promising to handle prospecting.  Too often, they fail to deliver on big promises.  Here’s why:

1 ) Outsourced cold-callers cannot be adequately trained to discuss your

      unique and complex solutions. 

Can an outsourced cold-caller really be expected to position your value proposition and handle client objections? Wouldn't you rather have your sales reps on the phone with your customers? This is why we don’t do cold-calling. We use email to position your strongest value proposition to executives in your target accounts. We approach your prospects with the higest level of respect through email in order to get you scheduled and confirmed calls for your sales reps.

2 ) Gimmicky approach and messaging alienates prospects even

      before your first call.

Many outsourced lead gen firms use surveys, contests, giveaways, or other indirect approaches to lure prospects that sometimes feel a little deceptive. This isn't really the best way to engage decision-makers at the VP or CXO-level. Our messaging and approach respects the intelligence and dignity of your prospects.

3 ) Lack of visibility and integration into your sales processes.

Other outsourced lead gen firms operate outside of your existing CRM and processes. We use your the same way you would want an employee to. We also use your Exchange Server to schedule and confirm introductory calls for your Sales Reps during their available times. We then provide regular reporting on results and share with you the full extent of our interaction with your prospects.

4 ) Poor customer experience from the prospect’s perspective. 

Some lead gen firms represent themselves as a 3rd-party when approaching your prospects.  This can leave prospects feeling under-valued. Prospects are left with the impression that they aren't worth your time and that you are trying to outsource your relationship with them. We approach prospects on your behalf using your email domain so that everything feels as if your employee were reaching out to initiate a high-value business discussion.

5 ) Too expensive with big promises and questionable results. 

We’re different. We charge only a low fee per 15-minute introductory call between prospects and your sales reps. You only pay for meetings that actually happen and only when your sales reps agree. We operate on trust.